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Instrument of Love

By Kim Smith

There’s nothing greater for the soul than when the Holy Spirit convicts the heart of an impurity that lies within. 

We all have them….the little things that we tend to ignore or even convince ourselves are nonexistent. I mean, after all, they don’t pop up every day….only the days when they are triggered by social media, when we are insulted by the choices others make, or aggravated by those thorns we encounter on our journey through life.

Recently, it was these words from a long forgotten song that brought conviction to my heart.

Some people speak about your  love, 

But with them I know it’s just talk 

For when I caught a glimpse of real love 

It was hangin’ on the old rugged cross 

So help me be like my Jesus 

As He prayed ‘Father Forgive’

Make me an instrument of love Your way

As I heard these words, tears began to fall down my face and I asked God to forgive me. Forgive me for becoming angry about something that might have went against my beliefs, something that may have been wrong or maybe even something in my preconceived thoughts that consumed me to the point that I forgot how my un-Christlike reaction was bringing a reproach to the Body of Christ.

How many times do we get upset about something that we have no control over?

Oh, I know we like to make excuses of why we react to all that is going on in our society. And all the catchy cliches that look and sound good and even make sense according to what is going on around us at the time. But the question we all need to be asking ourselves before we react is what does the Bible say?

This is what I have read and heard quoted from many throughout my life….

“If I be lifted up I will draw all men unto me.”

How do we lift HIM up in a society that seems so messed up?

Maybe, just maybe, by showing HIS love the same way He showed love. After all, He walked this earth during a time when society was messed up to the point that they killed a mother’s son that had done no wrong…. He was beaten, persecuted, mocked and nailed to a tree. And how did He respond?

“Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”

Not sure if ANY words would have been spoken except for the fact that He was interceding for those in the wrong…WOW!

There may be things I feel I need to do, actions I may need to take, changes that need to be made in staying true to my beliefs and things that are close to my heart. But, if I follow Jesus example, I will talk less, post less and love more!

I believe the rest of the song sums it up for all of us,

Lord, You know I’m nothing 

Without Your Spirit, my life’s in vain 

So mold me & make me – 

Help me to be more like You 

Make me an instrument of love anew