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Experiencing Intimacy with God

We believe God desires an intimate relationship with every believer. Through prayer, meditation, worship, and study, we can pursue and achieve intimacy with Him. Spiritual intimacy with God refers to developing a deep personal relationship with God through the Spirit and the Word. It is based on a deep understanding and knowledge of what the Word of God says about the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Engaging the Next Generation

We accept our responsibility to engage the next generation as they activate their faith. We are committed to train, develop, and raise up leaders of today's church. Our legacy will be a thriving church for tomorrow.

Expanding God’s Kingdom

Kingdom expansion is all about God changing us, so that we can make an impact for His glory. We know that God uniquely gifts and impassions people to accomplish specific assignments while here on earth. Expanding His Kingdom is providing an opportunity for the many people who haven’t heard about our loving God, and helping them come into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It is healing the brokenness in peoples' lives; bringing compassion to people who desperately need love and restoration.