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When you think about the essential role of the church and how the church relates to our current lives, there just isn’t a time when it has been more essential than now. 

The church is community and people’s need for, and lack of, community is more pronounced now than possibly ever before in their lifetimes. The church is a place of faith. Again, the great need for faith in people’s lives right now is critical.

The church, not as a building or a gathering, but as a community of faith is so essential right now.

This is from a social media post I made a few days ago:

“The essential elements of the church continue in the current pandemic we are facing. This morning I participated in our regular 9 AM corporate prayer and worship of Elevation Church From my home…online. 

I just officiated at a wedding ceremony that had previously been scheduled for this day. Held in our auditorium while practicing CDC guidelines of less than 10 people. Cars in the parking lot honked their horn‘s as the just married couple exited the building. It was a tear jerker.

Later this evening there will be a memorial time celebrating the life of a husband and father, who recently passed away. It will take place in the parking lot at Elevation Church, as cars drive-by with the windows rolled down to share condolences to the grieving family.”

This Sunday, Easter Sunday, we will assemble in our homes in front of smart phones, mobile devices and large screens to participate in Elevation Church’s online worship experience.  It will look a little different but the church is still the church. Let the church rise from the ashes. If you don’t have a church to plug into, join us on YouTube or Facebook @ElevationIndy.